Monday, 23 June 2014

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management on Cloud

Cloud computing refers to delivery of computing resources over the Internet on a pay for use basis.

Cloud computing services are available in three ways.
1. Software As A Service (SaaS) where the software is installed on servers (in the cloud) and the user can connect through it through the Internet. (Example: IBM Sterling Supply Chain Visibility, Google, Facebook)

2. Platform As A Service (PaaS) where a cloud based environment is provided using which the application can be built and deployed. (Example: IBM BlueMix, IBM SmartCloud Application Services)

3. Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) where servers, storage space and networking is provided on a pay per use basis. (Example IBM SoftLayer)

Managing Big Data and analysis is becoming critical to businesses and they slowly start realizing the importance of having a Master Data Management solution to meet their objectives.

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management (from version 11.0.0) can now be deployed on the cloud, thereby providing customers the below advantages.
1. Accelerated deployment
2. Pay per use model
3. Maintenance of the MDM solution on cloud is addressed by IBM

These facilities enable the businesses to obtain value quickly, without initial capital expenditure.  Hence small and medium sized enterprises can also experience the benefits of using IBM Master Data Management.

Please refer the below link for further details.
IBM Master Data Management


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