Saturday, 19 July 2014

IBM MDM in the Big Data - Interoperability between products in the Big Data platform

The goal of Big Data is to obtain valuable insights through analysis.  With the IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management system serving as the single repository to obtain trusted data, let us discuss some of the key Big Data products with which IBM InfoSphere MDM could be integrated with.

Customer data from a single source or from multiple sources are loaded into MDM.  Also, there are downstream systems that receive data from MDM.  Some of the MDM APIs are integrated with InfoSphere DataStage for the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) operations, to form the MDM Connector.  The MDM Connector can be used for ETL operations using MDM.

It is important to determine the quality of data from a data source before it is data is loaded to the MDM server.  The IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer can be used for accessing the data quality and its structure before loading data into MDM.  In addition, MDM can be configured to leverage the standardization and matching features of the IBM InfoSphere QualityStage.

The term Big Data encompasses structured data and unstructured data.  The IBM MDM provides a trusted single view of structured data.  The IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer, the tool used to derive Insights from Big Data, uses the MDM Connectors to access data from the MDM database to obtain a holistic view of the entities.

InfoSphere MDM has a Probabilistic Matching Engine, that can be used for matching parties to identify suspected duplicates.  This Probabilistic Matching Engine can be configured for use by InfoSphere BigInsights.  InfoSphere BigInsights is a product that supports storage of large volumes of un-structured, semi-structured and structured data and provides data analysis capabilities on such data.  The InfoSphere Data Click can also be used with MDM, to load master data into BigInsights system and other analysis sytems.

While MDM provides a single trusted view of data, business processes are required to ensure that the master data is accurate from the point of creation.  IBM Business Process Management Process Center and Process Designer components can be used to create workflows that govern data steward oriented tasks.  Master Data Management along with Business Process Management enable organizations to immediately take critical business decisions., a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution available in the the Cloud (SaaS) is integrated with IBM MDM, which enables it to obtain a 360 degree view of its customers.  

MDM data can be exported and predictive analysis can be performed using the Cognos Business Intelligence reports.

Details on the given integrations and integrations with other products could be obtained in the below links.
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