Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Three Customer Ids with One Insurance Company !!!! - IBM MDM Workflows with Data Governance

Believe me, I have three customer Ids for three policies with one insurance company.

I must have filled three forms at the same time, and in each one, I would have mentioned that I have no existing Customer Id with that company.

Could I have been given a single Customer Id?

Yes, with the use of IBM Master Data Management, Business Process Manager and Data Governance.

When a new customer's details are being entered, the system could perform a check whether there is an existing customer with the same name, date of birth and PAN (a customer's master data).  If all of them match, the could directly map that customer to the existing customer id (overcome data replication).  Supposing one of them do not match, say the name, the system could inform the data operator that there are chances that this customer could be the same as the existing customer.  The data operator could then decide on whether the customer is the same person or not.

Here, storing a single version of customer details, the master data about the customer has to be done by the IBM Master Data Management system.  The process of checking whether the customer already exists and taking then taking the required action based on whether a record is a process (workflow).  This workflow is designed and executed using the IBM Business Process Manager.  Data Governance is the interaction with the master data by the system or by a person.

A workflow that has proper governance ensures that the master data is accurate and that it is the single version of truth.  This helps companies in making efficient business decisions.

The IBM MDM Application Toolkit is a plugin that can be be used with IBM Business Process Manager to create processes.  These processes, it is possible to perform search, create and update operations on data in MDM.

IBM MDM also provides tools for monitoring data and user interfaces to maintain data quality.

InfoSphere MDM for Master Data Governance with MDM Workflow
Integrate BPM with MDM

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