Friday, 23 January 2015

Master Data is within systems in my organization, how do I integrate this with a CRM on Cloud

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management and IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration come to help you here.

IBM Master Data Management provides your a single version of truth of your entities.  In essence, it helps you cleanse data and remove duplicate values, thereby maintaining a single record of the entities in your system.  Typically master data requires more privacy and is maintained in systems in your premises.

There are other software that are available over the internet as services (SaaS on the cloud).  There will be requirements wherein master data in the organization's premises, have to be used with data in cloud.  There has to be means through which this integration can take place. Data security is a key point of concern in such integrations.

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron can serve as a middleware between IBM MDM and SaaS applications.  There are proven implementations of IBM MDM with, Netsuite, Workday and IBM Bluemix services using the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration.

IBM InfoSphere MDM integration with SaaS applications using WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud
Master Data Management for SaaS Applications
Putting master data into

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