Friday, 4 September 2015

Fight Threat and Fraud Using InfoSphere Identity Insight

An elderly woman aged 58 years has applied for a visa and is at the Consulate.  The monitor shows the consular there, that the the applicant's son and daughter are in that country for the past 8 years and 4 years respectively and have good records.   Without much delay, the consular can approve her visa.

A man aged 32 years has applied for a visa and is at the same Consulate.  His address is the same as that of a culprit held last week.  This means that he is in some way related to that culprit.  Withholding his visa is better.

A woman applies for a Personal loan at a Bank.  The Bank official searches her family's records and finds that her husband has not been paying the installments of a Personal loan for the past six months.  His Savings Bank account has not had credits for the past eight months.  The woman has a huge credit card balance.  The Bank can easily decide whether or not to offer her a loan.

All this is possible only when a system can identify a person (an entity), the relationships that this person has, and to give alerts based on the activities performed by the person and relations over a period of time.  This is precisely what InfoSphere Identity Insight does.

InfoSphere Identity Insight establishes accurate identity of an individual, uncovers complex relationships between individuals and applies complex event processing algorithms to evaluate transactions by the individual and associates.  The system generates alerts when it finds a questionable situation, thereby enabling us to fight threat and fraud.

IBM - InfoSphere Identity Insight

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