Monday, 14 December 2015

IBM InfoSphere MDM v11.5 Installation - Experience the Usability Enhancements

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management v11.5 leverages features in Installation Manager v1.8.2 and provides a UI that is more understandable, appealing and quicker.

Auto-population of default values
Default values are populated for most fields that enables the end user to reduce time spent using the Installation Manager GUI.

Default values populated

Tablespace names
It is possible to use the same tablespace name for multiple tablespace placeholders in the Database Panel.

Obtain Server details from Operational Server Panel
For the User Interface Panels, when the end user decides to use the same server as that used for the operational server, it is possible to enable a checkbox and populate those details automatically, thereby reducing time taken for retrieving WAS details.
Server Details

One Validation Panel per Feature
There is one validation panel per feature facilitating an easy view of the validation results.

Separate Validation Panels

'Ignore'  error message
The option to ignore error and warning messages and proceed with the the Installation is provided.  However, it is recommended not to ignore the Error messages generated by the validations.

Ignore Errors

Separation of Installation and Configuration
The configuration of Master Data Management has to be performed after the installation.  The Installation Manager GUI provides the required detail to the user on invocation of this target.


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