Friday, 29 August 2014

IBM BlueMix - An Introduction And Hands On

IBM Bluemix is a cloud computing Platform As A Service.  With terms like Cloud and PaaS very familiar to us now, using Bluemix will make the concepts clear to us.  Not only that, we can deliver innovative solutions using the Apps and Services available on Bluemix.

The below steps, which are simple, will enable developing a sample application on Bluemix.  And my first try is

1. Register for Bluemix at
2. An Eclipse instance has to be installed.  This can be installed from (

Installing IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix
After launching Eclipse, select Eclipse MarketPlace from the Help menu and search for IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix.  Select all the components under the IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, accept the License, and Install the plugin.  Follow the prompt and restart Eclipse.

Creating a new Server
Right click on the Server tab, select New Server and IBM Bluemix Server, click Next and provide your email and password for logging into the Bluemix server and Validate Account.  Click Next, accept the default Organizations and Spaces provided.  You would then be able to see the Bluemix server added to the Server tab.

Creating a simple application
As a simple example, create a web application, with the Target runtime as IBM Bluemix Runtime and add a html file in the WebContent folder.

Deploying the application on a Bluemix server
On the IBM Bluemix Server in the Server tab, select Add and Remove.. and add the web project created.  Provide the application details, and in the Launch Deployment screen add a value for the Sub domain.  The sub domain and domain name will determine the name of the Deployment URL.  Since the application is simple, accept the default values and click on Finish.

The deployment of the application will start.

When the application is deployed, you will be able to find your html page at the Deployment URL. Mine is


Malar said...

Very useful blog. I tried it immediately. For people, who faced a Server error, [status code: 400, error code: 170001, message: Staging err ot get instances since staging failed], try pushing the app using command line interface.

Malar said...

Please find the solution here to resolve the staging error while deploying application to Bluemix:

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