Sunday, 10 August 2014

IBM InfoSphere MDM Deployment on PureSystems

When a decision has been made to install a software in an organization, the lesser the time taken for the software to be deployed and gets into production, the more the benefits for the organization.

And that is what the IBM PureSystems does in the Cloud, it reduces the time taken for deployment in the cloud.  The Pure Patterns simplify and automate tasks across the lifecycle of the application.  

The InfoSphere MDM patterns make use of the virtual systems patterns, that facilitate the deployment of application software topologies,  to deliver the benefits of IBM PureSystems.  Virtual system patterns enables the user to modify the topology of the pattern to ensure that it resembles the specific topology required for the MDM solution.

The InfoSphere MDM supports the below patterns from IBM PureApplication® System workload console or IBM Workload Deployer.
1. Basic InfoSphere MDM pattern for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
2. InfoSphere MDM pattern for DB2 pureScale® or IBM PureData™ System for Transactions
3. InfoSphere MDM pattern for DB2 on ZOS

Deployment of MDM using the using the basic pattern requires the user to select the specific Virtual System Pattern from the IBM PureApplication System or IBM Workload Deployer, provide certain required parameters for the database (DB2), application server (WAS) and MDM and deploy the pattern.  The PureSystems ensures that the required version of DB2 and WAS are selected, thereby ensuring quicker deployment of MDM.

The automated deployment of MDM facilitated by the PureSystems which reduces the time to start up is a value add to the customer.

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